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The Italian Mark Zuckerberg at TEDxCafoscariu

On Saturday 31th May the second edition of TEDxcafoscariu will take place in Venice. The session will again be held at Auditorium S. Margherita starting from 5pm. TEDxcafoscariu is the first Italian TEDx to end up on the official page of TED. The last year edition received around one million views.

On stage this week we will see 12 speakers: startuppers, executives, magicians, scientists, actors, musicians, economists, artists and they will tell us their “breaking ideas”, the theme of the evening. The event sold out in two days and Ideastartup will be present after having already attended TEDxPadova and TEDxRoncade this year.

Among the speakers we are looking forward to hearing from Luca Rossettini, aerospatial engineer and CEO at D-Orbit, start-up finalist of the 360by360competition. D-Orbit “develops devices, which enable the safe disposal of artificial satellites at the end of their life, removing them from their orbits”. This venture had already received funds for € 1,5 million. Luca is also a BEST program alumni just like Francesco Inguscio, recent speaker at TEDxPadova.

The public also has high expectations of Matteo Achilli, aka the Italian Mark Zuckerberg. Matteo is a student at Bocconi University and CEO at Egomnia. He has been strongly criticized for some affirmations he released when he gained the media spotlight. On the Facebook page of TEDx Cafoscariu some users have even disagreed with the choice of him as a speaker. His opponents doubt the value of his core product (Egomnia), claiming that the metrics of the website are ridiculous and the service seems non-existent. They haven’t considered the fact that his over exposition was a smart tactic. In fact it has provided him with a lot of customers for his software house, according to people in the know.

The curtain at Tedxcafoscariu will be bought down by another entrepreneur Riccarda Zezza at 9,30 pm. She will pitch how to radically innovate work organisation and how to grasp every emerging resource (as women). With this aim she founded PianoC two years ago. Her business proposition has been awarded “Best European Project for Social Innovation” by the European Bank for the Investments.

The presenter for this rousing evening will be Kris Grove, directly from Radio 105.

Unfortunately no live streaming will be possible but you can follow our live tweet (@ideastartup1) or the social accounts of tedxcafoscariu. The official hashtag of the event will probably be #BreakingIdeas. So stay tuned!



Ca’ Foscari University, established on August 6th, 1868 as a Business school (the first in Italy and the second in Europe), is a public university based in Venice, in northern Italy.

Today Ca’ Foscari University of Venice teaches approximately 20,000 students and covers four large scientific and cultural areas (corresponding to the four Faculties in force until 2010): Economics, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Humanities and Sciences.


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