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5 Keys to Become a Successful Woman

successful woman

To be successful in life and in business is rarely a coincidence. Rather, it involves tenacity, hard work, perseverance and a lot of mental strength that it can be translated usually in helpful habits. When success is related to a woman, it might help to keep in mind a few more things.

Amy Vetter, Global VP of education at one of the most successful accounting software provider (Xero), has shared a few tips on how getting to the top as a woman:

1. Successful women are not afraid of failing in what they do.

Starting at age 12, Vetter was taking the bus across town to help her mother’s company in the maid service business. Seeing her mother working hard but unfortunately failing as well sometimes, she learned a key lesson that is to always learn from her own mistakes. Watching her mother failing but not giving up and always picking herself up gave Amy the courage to take risks – she learned that she doesn’t need to keep pushing against something that is not right, the important thing is to be agile on pivoting in other directions and make adjustments as you need.

2. Successful women have supportive friends in their corner.

Whether it is someone met outside of work or a mentor that you can rely on, the very important thing is to have a strong support network who can help you overcome difficult times. Surround yourself with those who genuinely supports you on multiple levels is essential for personal growth.

3. Successful women shape they own journey.

Vetter started her career in auditing and public accounting but soon she realized that it was not exactly the perfect fit. During that time, she also started to enjoy creatively helping to turn businesses around. While she was a full-time auditor for more than 10 years, she was also a main speaker at conferences while as well teaching at universities. These experiences led her to where she is now. What drove her to putting on multiple hats was inspired by her respectful grandmother. One of the most important lessons from her was to create her own path as her grandmother did when she was one of the first women that ever owned a small business back in the days.

4. Successful women build their own personal space.

For Vetter it was not easy to become a successful woman in the professional world while playing also the role of a mother without having time to herself. There are always problems whether it is from the office or at home, says Vetter, but the most important thing is to take a break to recharge. Give yourself the time and space to relax your mind – what helped her the most was to balance out the effort of work and family while dedicate time to practice yoga or run.

5. Successful women grab onto opportunities that are presented to them.

Interesting to see that women count for more than half of accounting graduates while only 20% reach a partner level in the accounting firm. Vetter says also that often, women are offered opportunities but they don’t grab onto it. Many of them self-doubt rather than taking the opportunity to create new possibilities.

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