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HAP sparks the cyborg creation originating the sandwich men

After the release of the film Robocop, this year we bumped into the sandwich men. We saw them in action for the first time at TedxPadova, on the 1st March. In this event there were two sandwich men strolling around. So we decided to meet one of the creators of this brilliant idea to find out how the project is going. We had a chat with Stefano Tassinari, a member of the HAP team. HAP stands for Human Advertising Project and is an innovative solution of advertising. The invention consists of a structure composed of two screens that can be worn by a man. One screen goes on the breast and the other goes on the back.

 How did you come up with this idea?

Let us be honest.. the idea came about accidentally, by drinking some beers and chilling out with a very close friend of mine, Giacomo Lorenzin. I was talking about hypothetical and utopical societies when Giacomo Lorenzin had a “stroke of genius”. I clearly remember the scene. He said: “But… why don’t we create wearable screens?” And so we did it… seriously?!

 Did you test your prototype at many events?

Yes, for example we showed our product in Rome, in Verona (during the Vinitaly), in Cortina D’Ampezzo (during the World Cup of Ski) in Venice (at Cà Foscari Digital Week) and in the city centre in Padova. In the last occasion we promoted Kultur Shop, an initiative of the Comune di Padova.

What feedback did you get from the public?

The public were enthusiastic to meet the sandwich men walking around the city. They stopped our collaborators, they asked information, they interacted with the monitors and they took a lot of pictures.

 How do you make money?

Our product is versatile: it is useful for promoting specific events or ideal for launching new products. It can also be used for surveys during fairs to receive live feedback.

 In the events you mentioned did you test the willingness of costumers to pay?

Of course we did, and with the same business partners we are scheduling new opportunities.

So we just realised that the cyborg creature filmed by José Padilha is not so far from the actual reality. We’re looking forward to hearing the next developments of HAP.


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