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Are you a startupper planning on entering the US market? Take FireMatter Views 2014 survey

As it’s stated in the official page of the survey:”FireMatter Views™ is the first global survey of international technology companies entering the US market.”

In fact, entering a new international market can be costly and risky, especially if you are tackling the US market, the most competitive in the world.
Is your strategy solid for the US market? Do you want to know what hundreds of other high-tech startups are doing and base your future decisions on actual data?
By taking this survey you’ll get the global view of what are the most common challenges that other have faced and the solutions they have adapted.

This research model has been validated through phone interviews with target startups and the project has now expanded to it’s online survey version, which was launched on February 18th 2014, and takes only ~8 minutes of an entrepreneurs’ time.
The survey is directly accessible at

This FireMatter Views 2014 is addressed to:
– early stage international technology startups that have recently entered or are planning on entering the US market in the near future;
– startups that are facing some specific market entry challenges;
– incubators / accelerators / VCs and any other organization whose portfolio startups are approaching the US market (By partnering with FireMatter Views 2014 your organization’s logo will be displayed on the survey web page).

In exchange all participants will get a FREE copy of the complete FireMatter Views Survey Report 2014 , before it goes on sale later this year (for $695).

This initiative counts the collaboration of prestigious partners like Startupbusiness, Mind the bridge, Luiss Enlabs, Haatch, IHK Berlin Chamber of Commerce, Universities like Ludwig Maximilians University Munich and more than 100 international startups had contributed to this market research. And is still searching for partners and survey respondents.

The questionnaire serves the purpose of identifying objectives and challenges of non-US technology startups as they approach the US market.

First of all, you will be asked in which field your company is in (among 13 differents categories as: consumer internet, mobile, gaming, social media, advertising..).
Other questions will entail which are the most problematic choices to face while entering the market and how you reacted to them.
Some questions are related to your marketing mix strategy, describing your choices in terms of pricing strategy, distribution channel and partnerships, communications and what are the most important metrics for your startup.

Every participant will also be segmented by the yearly budget allocated for marketing and business development and how it is allocated (on-line/off-line advertising, e-mail marketing etc.).

Individual responses and company details are confidential. The results of this research will only be shared with the companies that complete the survey.

FireMatter is a market development services firm for growth-driven tech companies. The company, runned by Matteo Fabiano, focus on marketing business software, web applications and digital media products and services.
For more information on FireMatter Views and how to become a partner, please contact Francesca Valentini, marketing associate at FireMatter LLC at